Bangkok Family Friendly Hotels

Bangkok does have an unsavory reputation for its raunchy red-light districts. However, with some careful planning especially on where to stay and which hotels to choose you can absolutely avoid the red-light districts.

Bangkok has 3 go-go bar districts that are quite contained. The best area for a family stay in Bangkok is in the neighborhood of Chitlom. There are many reasons why Chitlom is an ideal place. You can find many major shopping malls and department stores in the area:

Shopping Malls in and around Chitlom:

  • Central World
  • Gaysorn
  • Siam Paragon
  • Siam Square
  • MBK Mall

Like malls in the West, shopping centers in Bangkok are filled with activities families can partake in such as movies, bowling, and ice skating. Siam Paragon for example even has a large aquarium in the lower levels and a great way to spend some time with the family during a hot afternoon.

And there are many family-friendly hotels in Chitlom too. Here are the top 3 recommended hotels:

  • Grand Centre Point Ratchadamri
  • Arnoma Hotel
  • Novotel Siam Square

Grand Centre Point Ratchadamri is a highly recommended hotel, especially if you have very young children. Inside the hotel has a small indoor playground with padded floors. Then there’s the massive pool for the older kids as well as a kiddie pool for everyone to enjoy. Afterward, everyone can relax in the personal home movie with an excellent collection of DVD movies inside the hotel.

And for those with a family of shopaholics, I suggest staying at the Novotel Siam Square. Siam Square is within a stone’s throw to the mega shopping malls of pricey Siam Paragon and for the down to earth bargain items at MBK mall.

All of these hotels are also close to Chitlom BTS Sky Train station too. Riding the Sky Train is the best way to get around most parts of Bangkok and will take a family easily to the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Bangkok is a big city and by staying in Chitlom your family will be in the center of Bangkok with plenty of family activities in the area. And most importantly you will be away from the red-light districts.

Boutique Hotels In Sukhumvit Bangkok Reviews

Bangkok’s boutique hotels have been making major headway into the city’s massive hotel industry. Due to its popularity for home hospitality and budget value room rates, boutique hotels in Bangkok are being built and opened for business at a record pace, despite the slow down in tourism occurring throughout the Kingdom of Thailand.

One of the best areas to find boutique hotels is right in the heart of central Bangkok called Sukhumvit District. This popular location is where tourists can easily find many local and international businesses making their stay more enjoyable. Restaurants, spas, shopping, and popular nightlife establishments make Sukhumvit an excellent start off point for exploring the rest of Bangkok with ease.

Though Sukhumvit is considered an expensive area in Bangkok you can still quite easily find affordable budget boutique hotels in the district. And even though you’ve got deep pockets you’d be glad to know that you won’t have to spend as much to get top hotel quality and comforts.

One of the newest popular boutique hotels is called Sacha’s Hotel Uno located on Sukhumvit Soi 19, just a few minutes walk to BTS Sky Train and MRT underground station. They put a special emphasis on guest satisfaction without being too obtrusive. They even offer you choices of different pillow types. And each room is designed in mind for gadget enthusiasts.

Some might find Sukhumvit district loud, crowded and noisy. In that case, there are plenty of quiet locations as well with boutique hotels along with quieter parts of the district. One of the best budget choices along there is Bedrooms Boutique Hotel and it’s a 5-minute walk to the nearest BTS Sky Train station. So you’re not far off from all the shopping and restaurants in central Bangkok.

Finally, to get the best rates for hotels in Bangkok you should book through a local hotel reservations agency. You can find many online by doing a simple search. Hotel reservation agencies in Bangkok act as wholesalers and are able to pass on considerable savings. And their rates are better compared to booking through a hotel directly or just walking in.

Phuket Travel and Vacation Tips

Find a suitable means of transportation to Phuket.

That depends on the time left for you. If you urgently need to get to the popular island, you can go by plane. Thai AirAsia and Thai Airways International offer flights from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the island. You can book tickets online, or you could go to a travel agency, especially if you are looking for cheaper prices and package deals. Trains and buses offer land transportation from Bangkok to Phuket, and this is ideal for those who have more time to spare. You also get to see the countryside if you travel by bus or train.

Another means of travel is by car. Rent-a-car services are available at Suvarnabhumi and in central Bangkok. The ride along Highway 4 to the beach paradise is about ten hours. But, you can only rent a car if you have a Thai or international driving license. If not, you have no choice but to go for the other options already mentioned.

Book your hotel beforehand.

It’s inconvenient to spend the whole day finding a hotel on the island. Find one before getting there. Some of the popular choices are Banyan Tree Phuket, Safari Beach Hotel, Karon Sea Sands Resort, and Sugar Palm Resort.

Respect the people and their traditions and way of life.

Dress appropriately when you are in Thailand. If you are at beach resorts in Phuket, it’s OK to wear your bikinis, but avoid showing too much skin when you are walking into and around any Buddhist temple. Do not wear sleeveless tops and shorts, and remove your shoes when entering any Buddhist temple.

The Thai people have high regard for monks. It is unethical for a woman to touch a monk or give anything to him. Images of Buddha are also sacred and should not be touched.

Being nice to people puts you in a good place. Locals like nice foreigners, and you will likely get help and favors if you are nice to locals. There may be instances of trouble when you feel like being aggressive but keep your cool. Keeping calm is important, especially when dealing with Thai police and authorities.

Beware of thieves.

Although the number of petty crime rates in Phuket is relatively low, random cases of thievery happen. Pickpockets usually target tourists, as they know little about the place and are quite gullible. Be on guard when seemingly friendly Thais approach you late at night. Men should also watch out for ladyboys (transvestites) who are notorious for hoodwinking people and stealing their cash, jewelry or other valuables.